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Credit to and Urban Dictionary.

(n.) Candy brought on a family hike to bribe children to keep going without complaint. Can be used on adults as well.

Ex. “I never would have gotten my 5-year-old up that hill without the cajoleries I packed.” 


(n.) The giddy, euphoric feeling of topping out a peak or pass, reaching a secluded alpine lake, or spotting some unlikely wildlife on the trail. 

Ex: “That sunset last night gave me the best outdoorgasm of my life!”


(v.) To be stymied on a hike by a section of scrambling too difficult or scary to do.

Ex: “I tried to hike Pedernal but I got rockblocked by that last climbing move.”


(n.) A tiny rock, grain of sand, or piece of debris in your sock causing extreme discomfort or chafing. Remove any frinebbles immediately to prevent hot spots and blisters.

Ex: “You go on without me—I’ve got to stop and remove this frinebble from my left Altra Lone Peak.”


(n.) A big fucking rock.

Ex. “Woah, that’s a crag”

Snack Bandit

(n.) An unprepared hiker who doesn’t bring enough food, instead choosing to mooch off their partners.

Ex: “Better pack a few extra bars if you’re hiking with Maria—she’s a real snack bandit.”


(adj.) Describes the anxious feeling one experiences when every campsite appears full at the end of the day, and the next one isn’t for a few miles up the trail. 

Ex. “I know you’re tired and hangry, but no need to get appretentsive; if we hurry, we can claim the last spot across the lake.” 

Déjà Views

(n.) The more boring scenery on the second half of an out-and-back hike, where you’re retreading an area you’ve just been through.

Ex: “The hike out was nice, but the déjà views kind of made me wish I had found a loop hike instead.”


(n.) An ultralighter so obsessive about reducing weight that grams are too big a unit of measure. (A grain is equal to .065 gram.)

Ex: “Susan is such a grain-counter, she files her toenails before every hike.”

Michelob Ultralighter

(n.) A backpacker who is normally fanatic about saving weight, except when it comes to adult beverages.

Note: Applies no matter which brand of cheap beer they prefer.

Ex: “Charlie, the Michelob Ultralighter of the group, packed a tarp, a toothbrush with the handle cut off, and a sixer of Old Style.

Phantom Spice

(n.) The subtle yet distinct flavor carried from one meal to the next when a hiker fails to thoroughly wash out their camp dish.

Ex: “I’m getting some phantom curry spice in my oatmeal this morning, and I can’t say I hate it.

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